What Makes Us One of the Leading Car Wash Service Providers in Town

What Makes Us One of the Leading Car Wash Service Providers in Town  

Why Visit Us When You Need a Car Detailing Service?

Welcome to the blog page of N2 Detailing / Shine Slayer LLC – a leading local car detailing service provider! We will take the opportunity that this is our first post to introduce you to our team and work, and explain what makes us better than other companies in Tempe, AZ!

All our employees are passionate about autos and like spending long hours digging deep inside cars’ engines. Moreover, they are eager to spend every leisure minute doing that. For many of them, detailing autos was a favorite hobby, which they have turned into a way of earning a living. Because almost everyone has a car nowadays, this industry can be very lucrative.

Here is a short history of how we started our business and turned into a well-known local car detailing service provider

  • We started with researching your target market. We were aware who our potential clients are to whom we were about to offer our services. Moreover, we have researched our competition in order to know how to make a difference on the market and establish a loyal clientele. After acquiring the necessary information, we knew what actions to undertake to make our business successful.

  • The most important thing that we did in order to start our business was to make a business plan with our financial strategy.

  • In order to be able to start and open a car wash business, we had to find the required initial investment. Then we needed to find the most competitive place to open our garage. The location had to be populated with a lot of residents and a big traffic. We have found a space that is large enough to accommodate our equipment.

  • Finally, when we have acquired all the permissions to execute such kind of activity, we bought our equipment and employed people. We also launched our advertising campaign and welcomed our first customers at this time. Of course, that was a long time ago since we no longer need more marketing campaigns. We have gained enough return customers who are happy to recommend us to their friends.

This was the short story of how managed to get so far. We hope that you liked it and will call us for a mobile auto detailing service at (480) 750-7036!

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