What Is Included in a Full Detailing Service

What to Expect From a Full Detailing Service

When you book a full detailing service such as N2 Detailing / Shine Slayer LLC, you will be given a menu of services that are offered. And included in this will be a “full detail.” However, what exactly does this mean in the overall scheme of things?

Well, it means exactly what it says – a full detail will cover all the nonmechanical components of a vehicle, such as wheels, tires, exterior paint, seats, carpets, chrome trim, and all interior surfaces. Basically, it is a head-to-toe revitalization for a vehicle.

Here are a few specific things you should expect:

Exterior Paint Care and Polish

In some areas, a car’s paintwork does take a beating. As contaminants such as dirt, dust, and grease collect on the surface of the paint, over time, this debris will start to eat into the paint’s finish, resulting in corrosion, fading, and chipping.

With a full detail, the paint will receive the closest attention. First, the exterior will be pressure washed in order to remove dirt, after which it is hand-dried. A clay bar is often used to remove the tough, ingrained dirt particles. And lastly, a hand or machine polish will give the surface an even shine and removes any fine scratches.

Exterior Accents Cleaned and Polished

Exterior surfaces and accents that include rubber, plastic, and chrome will frequently fade and crack without care and attention. So regularly cleaning and restoring them ensures they are fully protected. In a full detail, exterior surfaces will be cleaned and then protected. A plastics sealant is applied to rubber or vinyl, and any chrome accents are polished.

Wheel and Tyre Detailing

Brake dust, dirt, and contaminants collected on your wheels will become difficult to remove. However, there are specially designed products that will help to remove these. A full-service detail will restore the wheels, remove tough stains and polish the steel, chrome, or aluminum. The tires will be protected also with a rubber sealer – this gives them a high-gloss finish.

If you would like to make an appointment for a full detailing service, please feel free to contact us at (480) 750-7036 now if you live in the Tempe, AZ region.

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