Most Typical Mistakes When DIY Car Detailing

Most Typical Mistakes When DIY Car Detailing  

A Dependable Car Detailing Service Makes the Difference!

If you are a car lover who likes to travel every day to different destinations, you should know the importance of keeping your vehicle pristine. Not only is this crucial for its showroom appearance, and also for your safe driving and handling in general. However, if you have decided to park your car in the shade and give it a good and thorough wash, perhaps, you should read this article first because it will outline the main mistakes car owners make when performing their own car detailing service.

  • Washing it when it’s too hot outside; Even if your vehicle is under a big tree or any other type of shelter, washing the bumper when the air temperatures are high is a bad idea. Because the water and the soap dry quicker, you are more likely to get unsightly marks on the paint. You may even notice swirl spots on the body. To avoid them, you should dry it right after cleaning, but that will make your entire job harder.

  • Not changing the cloths often enough; If you continue treating your car after your current cloth is wet, you are achieving the opposite effect. Instead of removing the dirt and dust, you will add it on the paint. As a result, you risk adding scratches and watermarks.

  • Using the wrong products; Many car owners don’t realize that professional auto detailers work with specialized products and materials. For example, you cannot expect impeccable results if you use a house glass cleaner on your car windows. Automobiles require specific cleaning solutions for the glass, paint, rims, and more.

  • Applying paint sealants or waxes directly onto the surface; To prevent eye-sore marks and scratches on the paint, we recommend you to apply sealants or waxes directly onto the cloth and not to the paint. Otherwise, you risk leaving a dark and uneven finish.

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